Counselling for problems at work and coping with work related stress

Are you experiencing difficulties at work? Bullying at work? Harassment at work?

Do you feel like you can’t discuss your difficulties with your co-workers?

Many people turn to another professional outside of the workplace for support around work issues and problems. In work support counselling, we identify what you would like from your work situation and develop strategies to achieve this. Work support counselling can help you restore work-life balance, manage your emotions and ultimately improve your sense of job satisfaction.

Perhaps you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Job pressure, stress or burnout
  • Actual or threatened redundancy, retirement, career change
  • Legal issues e.g. unfair dismissal
  • Bullying, harassment or anger management issues (yours or someone else’s)
  • Dealing with discrimination
  • Sickness or absence from work
  • Too much responsibility, lack of professional support and supervision
  • Difficulties in relationships with co-workers or your boss
  • Struggles with balancing work and personal life
  • Job dissatisfaction, lack of recognition or self-esteem issues
  • Dealing with the death of a colleague
  • Managing sexual attraction at work
  • And many more…..

If you would like to discuss how counselling for problems at work may help you, please feel free to contact me.

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